Laboratory Members

Malloy Social Relations Laboratory

Current Lab Members

Casey Silva – Casey is an undergraduate member of the lab who joined in April, 2018.   He is the laboratory manager for research on egocentric bias in the assessment of dyadic relationships supported by a grant from the U.S. – Israel Bi-national  Science Foundation awarded to Rhode Island College (Thomas E. Malloy) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Avraham (Avi) Kluger.   His undergraduate thesis research is focused on the assessment of listening and interpersonal attraction in dyads.

Destiny Henderson – Destiny joined the SRL in February of 2019.   Her goal is to attain the Ph.D. in psychology and become a university professor.   She is working on a study of egocentric bias in the assessment of traits (extroversion and neuroticism) in dyadic relationships.  

Tom Fogarty – Tom is a graduate student in psychology who is working in a program of research called Cognitive Representations of Dyadic Relationships.  The specific focus of his research is on assessment of morality and ethical behavior in dyadic relationships.

Savon Williams – Savon Williams graduated from Rhode Island College, and is currently a graduate student at Sacred Heart University pursuing the M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  Savon continues to work in the eye-tracking laboratory.

Stephen Gadbois – Stephen is pursuing a second undergraduate degree in Psychology after finishing a degree in English at Emerson College.  Stephen is working in the eye-tracking laboratory on a study focused on the effects of of facial attractiveness, race, and social status on face recognition.

Michael Uzoma – Michael is working on an undergraduate degree in psychology, and is working in the eye-tracking laboratory on the effects of facial attractiveness, status, and race on face recognition. Michael came to Rhode Island College from Nigeria.

Lilia Goncharova – Lilia is a homeschooled high school student who began working in the SRL while taking undergraduate classes at Rhode Island College.  She has worked in the lab since the Fall of 2019.  She is working on a study of listening and trust in dyads and is responsible for programming in Qualtrics and in R.  Lilia is applying for admission to college and she plans to major in psychology; her ultimate goal is to complete the Ph.D. in psychology.

Former Lab Members: Graduate Degrees and
Doctoral Degree and Granting Institution

Elise Arruda, Ph.D. – Claremont Graduate University

Avi Ben Zeev, Ph.D. – Yale University

Gregg Bromgard, Ph.D. – New Mexico State University

John Capman, Ph.D. – City University of New York

Mekayla Castro, Ph.D. – Columbia University

Irian Kushid, Ph.D. – New Mexico State University

Jasmine Mena, Ph.D. – University of Rhode Island

Tiina Ristikari , Ph.D. – Tampere University, Finland

Diane Turner-Bowker Ph.D. University of Rhode Island

Aaron Yarlas, Ph.D. – University of California – Los Angeles

Carissa DiPietro, Ph.D.  student- University of Notre Dame

Christine Curley, Ph.D. student – University of Connecticut

Masters Degrees

Rosalie Berrios-Candeleria M.A. – Rhode Island College

Sathiarith Chau, M.A. – Rhode Island College

Lauren Chaunt, M.S.W. – Rhode Island College

Lorin Kinney, M.A. – Rhode Island College

Lynn Winquist, M.A. – University of Connecticut

Undergraduates: Rhode Island College/Other

Johanna Martin, B.A.

Brandon DeSimone, B.A.

Jessica Hunter B.A.

Afrim Islam, B.S.P.S.  (University of Rhode Island)

Wootae Min B.A. (Swarthmore College)

Peter Murphy, B.A.

Tiia Nurmiko, B. A.

Melissa Ryan, B. A.

Marvin Tavares

Rachel Tragella, B. A.

Angela Viphakone, B. A.

Scott Williams (Brown University)