Here is the most up-to-date collection of publications authored and/or co-authored by Dr. Malloy, ranging back to 1984. This page will be updated to reflect each new publication, so be sure to check back regularly!

Publication from 2020

Dyadic Listening in Teams: Social Relations Model

Social Relations Modeling of Interpersonal Accuracy

Publications from 2019

Path modeling of children’s life outcomes: the 1987 Finnish Birth Cohort

Question Asking as a Dyadic Behavior

Publications from 2018

Social Relations Modeling of Behavior in Dyads and Groups

Social Relations Analysis of Dyadic Data Structures: The General Case

Publication from 2017

Interpersonal attraction in dyads and groups: Effects of the hearts of the beholder and the beheld

Publication from 2016

Implications for the self determine benevolence and self-protection in intergroup relations

Publication from 2013

Trait ratings of the in-group and out-group with minimal acquaintance: Differentiation and out-group favorability

Publications from 2012

Explicit Weight Stereotypes Are Curvilinear: Biased Judgments of Thin and Overweight Targets

Political Astuteness of Baccalaureate Nursing Students Following an Active Learning Experience in Health Policy

Publication from 2011

Status-Based Asymmetry in Intergroup Responses: Implications for Intergroup Reconciliation

Publication from 2010

Use of the asymmetric block design and variance component analysis in research on adult-child language interaction

Publications from 2008

Intergroup Relations and Reconciliation: Theoretical Analysis and Methodological Implications

Social Psychology of Intergroup Reconciliation: From Violent Conflict to Peaceful Co-Existence

Variance component analysis of generalized and dyadic peer perceptions in adolescence

Publication from 2007

Awareness of peers’ judgments of oneself: Accuracy and process of metaperception

Publication from 2006

Componential Analysis of Interpersonal Perception Data

Publication from 2005

Individual Differences and Cross-Situational Consistency of Dyadic Social Behavior

Publications from 2004

Agreement in Personality Judgments Within and Between Nonoverlapping Social Groups in Collectivist Cultures

Gender and Leadership Perceptions Among African Americans

Judgments of communicative intent in conversation

Publication from 2003

Interpersonal Behavior, Perception, and Affect in Status-Discrepant Dyads: Social Interaction of Gay and Heterosexual Men

Publication from 2001

Physical Attractiveness and Exchange Theory in Interracial Dating

Multiple and Single Interaction Dyadic Research Designs: Conceptual and Analytic Issues

Publication from 2000

Experimental Validity: Brunswik, Campbell, Cronbach, and Enduring Issues

Publications from 1999

Understanding AIDS Risk Behavior Among Sexually Active Urban Adolescents: An Empirical Test of the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model

Self-Observation of Social Behavior and Metaperception

Publications from 1997

Cross-Cultural Consensus in Personality Judgments

Effects of Communication, Information Overlap, and Behavioral Consistency on Consensus in Social Perception

Interpersonal Perception and Metaperception in Nonoverlapping Social Groups

Interpersonal Perception of the AIDS Risk Potential of Persons of the Opposite Sex

Publications from 1996

Agreement and Accuracy in Children’s Interpersonal Perceptions: A Social Relations Analysis

Changing AIDS Risk Behavior: Effects of an Intervention Emphasizing AIDS Risk Reduction Information, Motivation, and Behavioral Skills in a College Student Population

Interpersonal Perception of Skill Efficacy and Behavioral Control of Adolescents with Learning Disabilities: A Social Relations Approach

Publication from 1995

Children’s Interpersonal Perceptions: A Social Relations Analysis of Perceiver and Target Effects

Publications from 1994

Consensus in interpersonal perception: Acquaintance and the big five.

Empirical Tests of an Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model of AIDS-Preventive Behavior With Gay Men and Heterosexual University Students

Publication from 1992

Perceptions and metaperceptions of leadership: Components, accuracy, and dispositional correlates.

Publication from 1991

Mitral Valve Prolapse and Neuroticism in Chest Pain Patients with Normal and Diseased Coronary Arteries

Publication from 1990

Interpersonal Perception in a Social Context

Publication from 1989

Physical Attractiveness and Exchange Theory in Interracial Dating

Publications from 1988

Consensus in Personality Judgments at Zero Acquaintance

Partner Effects in Social Interaction

Publications from 1986

Effects of Reciprocity and Self-Monitoring on Self-Disclosure With a New Acquaintance

The Social Relations Model: An integrative method for personality research

Publication from 1984

The police stress hypothesis: A critical evaluation.