Support of the Social Relations Laboratory (SRL)

U.S. – Israel Bi-National Science Foundation Grant

The SRL is currently supported (2019- 2023) by a U.S. – Israel Bi-national Science Foundation Grant (#2018055) to Rhode Island College (Thomas E. Malloy) and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Avraham (Avi) N. Kluger).  The collaborative research is focused on Listening in Dyads: Bias, Accuracy, and Meta-Accuracy.  To learn more about the BSF program follow this link

To learn more about the Kluger and Malloy research grant follow this link:

Currently there are 5 undergraduate students working in the SRL because of the support of the BSF.

Social Neuroscience in the SRL:


From 2008 until 2019 the Social Relations Laboratory at Rhode Island College has been supported by the RI INBRE – the Rhode Island Idea Network for Biomedical Research Excellence to conduct basic research in neouroscience.  Different institutes within the National Institutes of Health have supported this research.  The most recent funding from NIH RI INBRE was through Grant # P20GM103430 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health.

RI INBRE supported 29 summer research fellows in the social relations laboratory since 2009.   Summer fellows are funded for 10 weeks of full-time research in the laboratory that culminates in research conference at the end of this period.

Follow the following link for more information about summer research fellowships.