This photo of Don Campbell and Dave Kenny was taken in 1995 in Storrs, Connecticut.   Don talked about the Multi-Trait, Multi-Method Matrix, his experience with Robert Tryon at UC Berkeley as his teaching assistant and “Tryon’s Paradox,” and the social relations model.   He used the phrase “Roshomon Effect” to describe the perceiver effect of the social relations model.   I discuss all of these topic in more detail in my 2018 book “Social Relations Modeling of Behavior in Dyads and Groups” that will be published by Elsevier Press (Academic Press).

Professor Lee J. Cronbach

Egon Brunswik

Band Practice (Degrees of Freedom) in Storrs, Connecticut.

 Colleagues and friends in Berlin, Germany – 1987 Finnish Birth Cohort Researchers

Dinner with my wife, Gina, and our friend and social psychologist, Hilik Klar, Jaffa, Israel. The “Old Man and the Sea” is a popular Arab  restaurant on the harbor.

Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Palestine (West Bank)

 My colleague and former student, Dr. Tiina Ristikari with me in Woodstock, Connecticut.


Colleagues and friends at a Conference on immigration and emigration where I gave a keynote address and a workshop on the social relations model (University of Tampere, Finland)

Gina Malloy in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem

My Students at the 2018 RI INBRE Research Conference at the University of Rhode Island where I’m a member of the graduate faculty.   Three experiments using a standard face recognition paradigm show that attractive face are recognized with about 90% accuracy (black bars) and induce about 85% false positives.  Average and unattractive faces show much less recognition accuracy (From left-to-right, Christine Curley, Casey Silva, and Carissa DiPietro, pictured above).

Colleagues and students at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant during the 2019 EPA Conference in New York City.

At the International Convention of Psychological Science 2019 in Paris.  My talk was titled:  Social Relations Modeling of Listening among Women at Zero Acquaintance.

Those who participated in, or contributed to, a symposium at the International Conference of Psychological Science 2019 in Paris.   From left to right: Sarit Pery (Herbrew University of Jerusalem), Tom Malloy (Rhode Island College), Avi Kluger (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), and Michal Lehmann (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).  

My friend and colleague, Dr. Avi Kluger, with Gina Malloy – “Mary’s Well” in Jerusalem, Israel.  Legend states that Mary and Joseph stopped at this well while traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem.