Social Relations Modeling of Behavior in Dyads and Groups

Published Book

Malloy, T. E. (2018).  Social Relations Modeling of Behavior in Dyads and Groups.  Elsevier Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


This book provides an introduction to the Social Relations Model and examples of the model’s use in research on dyadic and group phenomena.    The key person design presented above is an example of a multiple interaction research design used with social relations modeling to study dyadic and group phenomena.

Topics Addressed in the book include:

  1. The dyad in social psychology
  2. Logic and mathematics of social relations modeling
  3. Multiple interaction research designs
  4. Planning a study for social relations modeling
  5. Interpersonalism: Personality in the dyadic context
  6. Psychophysics of trait perception: Accurately detecting minimal differences between people
  7. The classic, generalized and dyadic self
  8. Perceiver, target and relationship variance in interpersonal perception
  9. ARRMA: Assumed reciprocity, Reciprocity and Metaperception Accu acy
  10. Interpersonal similarity in dyads
  11. Interpersonal attraction in dyads
  12. The componential structure of social vision: Face processing and memory
  13. Social relations modeling in groups
  14. Social Relations Analysis of Dyadic Data Structures: The General Case (Bond & Malloy)